Pappettan on s'il vous plait

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If you live in France, you know what is meant by s'il vous plait. Translated, it means if you please. Always to be found at the end of any request, this is the French way of saying please. Recently the "s'il vous plait" or SVP for short, came into a conversation featuring me, my friends and Pappettan.

All of us were at an Indian restaurant near Marcel Sembat. We had finished the delicious naans, chapathis and also the biriyanis. Now, we were set for the desserts.

Me: *at the waiter* Desserts.... *conveniently omitting the word menu and letting the waiter figure it out*

French Friend: *raises his eyebrows* No "please" at the end? Just desserts?

Me: *smiles sheepishly*

Pappettan: That is funny!

Rest of us: *after taking a moment to digest the statement and unanimously* What is so funny about it?

Pappettan: It is an Indian restaurant!

Rest of us: * waiting for Pappettan to unravel the secret behind the statement*

Pappettan: *explains as if he is talking to kids who have trouble understanding complex statement* You don't say SVP in an Indian restaurant. Still, the waiter comes to your table with respect, asking what you need and helping you out.

Rest of us: *still confused*

Pappettan: You say SVP in a French restaurant. The waiter comes to your table with a frown, throws the menu at you and walks away.

Rest of us: *spell bound as this is the truth*

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  1. Indians are better in PR :) guess so !! hehehe nice one !!

    1. I think we are better in services. :)


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