Pappettan forgets to pay the restaurant bill

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Have you ever walked out of a restaurant without paying the bill? I have done it a couple of time in my life. Luckily during all such instances, I remembered my forgetfulness before it is too late. As soon as I realized my mistake, I walked back to the restaurant, apologized with a red face and paid the bill. Recently, Pappettan was in the same predicament. But the man reacted differently.

Both us went to an Indian restaurant. This is the kind of restaurant where they serve you quickly in order to turn the table fast. This is also the kind of restaurant where they serve delicious food in affordable prices. We were animatedly engaged in an interesting conversation that as soon as we washed our hands, we walked out of the restaurant without even bothering to pay the bill. As luck would have it, Pappettan remembered this folly before we were very far from the restaurant. We decided to go back to the restaurant to pay our dues. As usual, I took the back seat, curious to see how Pappettan will handle this situation.

We retraced our path and entered the restaurant. Pappettan went directly to the counter.

Pappettan: Hello.

The Guy at the Counter (TG@TC): *suspiciously*Hi

Pappettan: I had food here.

TG@TC: *unsure where this is leading to*

Pappettan: When I came in, I knew this was a restaurant. Then you served the food I ordered.

TG@TC: *anxious*

Pappettan: When I started eating your food, I forgot it was a restaurant. It tasted like food cooked in home.

TG@TC: *smiling at the compliment*

Pappettan: I finished what I ordered. Like home, I got up, washed my hands and moved on.

TG@TC: *confused*

Pappettan: I walked out without paying the bill.

TG@TC: *surprised and also embarrassed he or his staff couldn't catch this little anomaly*

Pappettan paid the bill. But like always, he cast an everlasting impression on me. I wouldn't have thought of presenting it like the way he did. 

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  1. I want to meet your pappettan... Damn creative... :-)

    1. Pappettan is not just one person but many people. I hope you realize that. :)

  2. Hehe, Nice one. Are these all real life events? I guess, yes.

    1. Yes, they are all from real life events.

  3. soooooo true!! Even I wouldnt have put it like the way he did!!

    1. That is why Pappettan is unique. :)

  4. Love his genuine character, its really commendable that he walked back to foot the bill. :)

  5. Wonderful post, loved it :) You have handled the humour really well.


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