Pappettan helps a distraught batsman

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Sometimes, we get disillusioned in a second. This mostly happens when our best laid plans do not work the way we planned it in our minds. Even though that plan might not have turned out the way the script was written in our mind, there might still be another way to turn things around. This is also referred as improvisation, playing by the ear etc.

Recently, I went along with Pappettan to watch a cricket match. As usual, we arrived there late. There we found one of our young friends sitting in a corner, sporting a dejected look. He was sad and was not talking to anyone. This might have turned an ordinary person. But Pappettan is a different breed.

Pappettan: Howdy?

Young Friend: *looks up and replied with no enthusiasm* Hi.

Pappettan: *cheerfully* Hey! Isn't this your team who is batting now? When is your turn to bat?

Young Friend: *with a flood of emotions* My turn is over. I scored a duck.

Pappettan: *realizing the reason behind the gloomy face* is not the end of the world.

Young Friend: *having trouble holding back now* This was my chance to impress that girl. I have blown it.

Pappettan: *trying hard to suppress the mischief in his eyes and also the smiles on his lips. slyly looks at me* Hmmm. There will be other chances.

Young Friend: *having found a sympathetic ear in Pappettan* You know what? They were passing my cap around. When my turn came, she was wearing my hat. I went to her, asked for the cap and put on a show there saying... 

Pappettan: *listens attentively and also glances at me occasionally*

Young Friend: *now recreating the scene in his mind and mimics the gentle way in which he talked to her* ...You are wearing my lucky cap. I am going to bat now. Can you please give it back to me?

Pappettan: *listening*

Young Friend: She belongs to the rival team. She gave me the cap and said "Come back soon".

Pappettan: *suppresses his smile since the mystery is already solved*

Young Friend: Then I went to bat. And I was clean bowled in the first ball itself.

Pappettan: *agitated* Is this the reason why you are sad?

Young Friend: *confused and irritated* Yes!

Pappettan: *pauses and then talks like a guru who knows everything* You still can turn things around. Go back to her. Give her the cap. Tell her you returned back soon because she asked you to. Then ask her out for coffee.

Thinking further, it isn't a bad plan. I hope this time the plan works for my young friend.

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