Pappettan on heated discussions at work

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Have you been in meetings where you have to argue forcibly to let others see your view point? If you have been in such meeting, what do you feel at the end? Exhausted? Bitter? Angry? If you felt any or all of these emotion, imagine what did the other person experience at the end of the meeting. The chances are he/she felt the same way! This was the topic of discussion with Pappettan one evening.

Pappettan: *with the brand of contagious enthusiasm he is known for* What is with you? Why are you looking sad?

Me: *heaving a sigh* There was this meeting at work. It didn't go well.

Pappettan: *chuckling* So, you are still stuck with work place issues. Come on, don't you know? Work stops at work when you leave for home.

Me: *tired but eager to tell my sorrows to someone* All through the meeting, we were arguing and shouting at each other.

Pappettan: *listens with a smile*

Me: *agitated* How can you work like this? It takes a ton of energy to convince people. Everyday is a struggle. Where do I find the energy? Forget about finding the energy, you create a lot of enemies as there is a lot of bad bloodonly end up with enemies at the end because of the way the argument turns out.

Pappettan: *chuckling* So you are worried about making enemies?

Me: *pauses to think before resuming* Yes. That is right.

Pappettan: *chuckles* How do you conclude such meetings?

Me: *confused* What do you mean?

Pappettan: *patiently* What happens at the end?

Me: *slightly irritated* I note down the action items if any, thank everyone and then walks out.

Pappettan: *like an interrogator* Only thank them?

Me: *irritated* Yes. Thank them as in "Thank you".

Pappettan: You could do a little better at that point.

Me: *having lost patience* Like what?

Pappettan: *smiling* You could say... "It was nice to have a healthy discussion" before you conclude.



  1. hahahahaha...

    Note to Self... Try this the next time... :D

    1. This is also called "ending on a positive note" :)

  2. Replies
    1. Healthy discussions opens up your mind. You get to see multiple perspectives too. :)


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