Pappettan talks to a smart-alec restaurant employee

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

When you call a restaurant, you expect polite behavior if not a cheerful tone. Pappettan called up a restaurant recently in order to have food delivered to his door steps. I was present at that time when he called up the restaurant. It was a Sunday.

Restaurant Employee: Haaalo.

Pappettan: *unable to make out the reaction at the other end* Is it we-will-deliver restaurant?

Restaurant Employee: *loudly* Yes, it is.

Pappettan: *politely* Are you open today to take orders?

Restaurant Employee: *traces of a smirk in his voice* If I am not open, why would I pick up your call.

I am taking a detour here. Now what would you have said in such a situation. Let me be truthful. I would have been irritated at this point. What about you? If you have thought about this, let us move on with the narrative.

Pappettan: *laughs loudly*

Restaurant Employee: *perplexed and silent*

Pappettan: It is a Sunday. You might have opened the restaurant for cleaning. How would I know?

Restaurant Employee: *silent*

Pappettan: So that is why I asked. When in doubt, better ask. Isn't it?



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