Pappettan talks about dads and managers

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The "carrot and stick" is one of the commonly used management technique to derive results. Unfortunately, this is also effective. The effectiveness is also the cause of the prevalent adoption of this technique. So one day, I was really upset at a project manager who was using this technique. That was also the evening I was meeting Pappettan. Eventually, my irk for the project manager soon veered into the conversation. Like always, Pappettan had a different take on this subject.

Pappettan: *eyes lost in deep thought* The project manager is like your father.

Me: *irritated as this too much for me* What? *pauses and as better sense prevailed* In what way?

Pappettan: *explains like a sage* Remember when we were young. Remember when our fathers promised to get us something we badly wanted if we aced in school.

Me: *dumbstruck and slowly seeing the reasoning*

Pappettan: Your project manager is the same person. The carrot you refer to is nothing but the promises our fathers made.

Me: *digesting this simple fact*

Pappettan: *enjoys the look on my face and then decides to drop the bomb* BUT... *leaves it hanging*

Me: *suddenly eager and impatient for the next pearl of wisdom* BUT???

Pappettan: But...there is a difference.

Me: *unable to handle the suspense* What is the difference?

Pappettan: *smiles and continues* Even when you don't make your end of the bargain, your father still gets you what he promised.