Pappettan goes dancing

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

I was out with Pappettan for the Christmas party. Within no time, Pappettan started heating up the dance floor with a lot of woman wanting to dance with him. A lot of staring across the dance floor at what kind of magic he was weaving was getting me anywhere. So I decided to navigate the dance floor to his side in order to have a closer look and also to eavesdrop on the conversation. When I reached his side of events, the music stopped. A bit of efforts from my side, I was able to follow the conversation.

Woman: *in a cheerful tone* ...And you told me you don't know to dance?

Me: *with a smirk and whispering to myself* Isn't that a known fact?

Pappettan: *as a matter of fact* I don't know to dance the western way.

Me: *trying hard to suppress the laughter*

Woman: *inquisitive* Really?

Pappettan: I have been practicing dance for 8 years.

Me: *shocked at this revelation*

Woman: *surprised* 8 years is a long time. So you have learnt one of the traditional dance forms of India?

Pappettan: Actually, no. It is one of the new forms of dance. It is called Bollywood contemporary.

Woman: *impressed*

Me: *head reeling*

At this point of time, the woman moved away and I couldn't contain it anymore. So I grabbed Pappettan.

Me: *agitated* Why are you fooling her with your lies?

Pappettan: *in an accusing tone* Your habit of snooping is going to get you into trouble one of these days!

Me: *more agitated with his response now* That is not an answer. Bollywood contemporary! 8 years!

Pappettan: *with a smile* Yes, I have practiced Bollywood contemporary for many years. So have you... Every one of us.

Me: *confused*

Pappettan: *victorious smile on his lips* Dappan Kuthu. Don't we know it? Isn't that we do in all parties?