Pappettan defines what we do at work

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What do you do? Have you been asked this simple question? How did you react to it? Did you turn vocal embarking into non-stop verbal tirade? Were you at a loss of words struggling for the right words? It is an easy question for some while it is the most difficult one for others. It has nothing to do with how much you love what you do. It has got all to do your doubt in the other person's ability to comprehend your job and your responsibilities.

Last week, I was with Pappettan when a boisterous young man stopped in his tracks when this simple question was fired by Pappettan. The young man was tipsy with the copious amounts of alcohol and was cracking jokes after jokes enlivening the group when Pappettan fired the first shot.

Pappettan: *smiling* What do you do?

Boisterous Young Man(BYM): *smile vanishes and looks for the right words* Err..Hmmm..

Pappettan: *smiling and listening with patience*

BYM: *searching for words unsuccessfully*  I do a lot of... things.

Pappettan: *still smiling*

BYM: *looks back at Pappettan, pleading to stop this torture*

Pappettan: You could answer it this way.

All of us are looking at Pappettan now.

Pappettan: You could say. *pauses for an eternity* I do as little as possible for as much as I can get paid.

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