Pappettan on looking forward

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

Every one of us experience a slump in their lives. The lucky ones among us has to go through it only once. Some never. Most of us has to go through this many times in our lives. I was going through a rough patch myself when I met Pappettan. Pappettan has always been a sympathetic ear. So I opened up with him.

Me: *agitated* Nothing is going right. Whatever I try, I just can't steer myself out of this depressing state.

Pappettan: *listens*

Me: *getting more vocal* Remember what we were doing the same time last year. It was nice. The weather was good. We were going out to take photographs.

Pappettan: *gives complete attention and waits for me to complete*

Me: *goes on without caring about the surroundings* I was writing every day. I was taking pictures every day. I had great friends around me.

Pappettan: *silently listening*

Me: *senses something amiss, stops, looks at Pappettan for a few seconds and then in a slightly irritated* What?

Pappettan: *like a sage* There is something wrong when...

Me: *eagerly* When...???

Pappettan: *in clear soft voice* There is something wrong when someone constantly refers to the past. You should look forward to the future while enjoying the present.



  1. Beautiful thought...looking forward Nona, letting go the past is difficult plus what if one feels good and comfortable to be in the pained past? Very very nice post.

    1. :) Isn't that the challenge all of us face?

  2. Yes but only by understanding what made us happy in the past can we know that we should do more of that and less of what today is making us less happy.

    1. Learn from the past. I guess that is what you are saying. While trying to understand the past, we stay in the past and never come out of that shell! :|

  3. Right...let bygones be bygones and look out for what future has in store for you...


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