Pappettan changes the frame

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Set the frame. All self-help book says. By setting the frame, there are fewer chances of heated debate and hurt emotions. But how do you set the frame? However hard you try, it is difficult find additional perspectives. Predictably, Pappettan never has an issue with changing frames (of reference). A recent conversation involving Pappettan and a friend of reinforces this fact.

The friend was in a hurry. So he did not even see us standing there and observing people. I decided to invite his attention.

Me: Hello.

The Friend: *looks up, sees up and brightens up* Hi Guys.

Me: What is the hurry?

The Friend: *exasperated* I need to get home early today. I have a task to accomplish.

Me: *smiling* Grocery shopping?

The Friend: *chuckles* No. It is a difficult task.

Pappettan: *intervenes* like...? *lets the question lingers in the air*

The Friend: *sighs* I have to teach Mathematics to my kid.

Pappettan: *smiles slowly* That is quite an important task.

The Friend: *blurts out* I don't know why I have to do this. We should be getting professional help. I could teach all the wrong things.

Pappettan: *takes a deep breath* I presume your wife asked you to teach your kid.

The Friend: *looks up* Yes.

Pappettan: Teaching is not easy. The fact she asked you to teach your kid highlights one thing.

The Friend: *wondering*

Pappettan: You are the only one she trusts to do this right way.

My friend hurried back to his home for teaching Mathematics to his kid. We didn't stop him.



  1. Haha! I could use that line. Honestly! ;)
    Thank you Pappetta, Thank you Nona.


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