Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pappettan signs up for karate

If you are wondering who Pappettan is, click on this link and find out.

We were all surprised when Pappettan got up to leave in a hurry earlier than his usual time to say goodbye. So naturally, we were all curious.

One of us: *disappointed* Why? Pappettan? It is very early. Why don't you sit down for more time?

Pappettan: *apologetically* Sorry guys. I gotta go now for an appointment.

One of us: *teasing* Oh! So you have a date?

Pappettan: *in cool composure* No, I have a class. I don't want to be late for it.

All of us: *excitedly* Class? Wow! Are you teaching?

Pappettan: *calm demeanor* No, I am not teaching. I am going to learn karate.

One of us: *quizzically* karate?

Pappettan: *smiling* My nephew is learning Karate. I have signed up for the classes with him.

This disclosure met with what is equivalent to a standing ovation in a constricted space. Sensing there was something more behind the encourage-by-participation route taken by Pappettan, I excused myself, disengaged from the current group and caught up with Pappettan, who was now on his way to karate lessons. Pappettan was expecting me. That guy, I say, can predict future.

Pappettan: *questions with a smile* What now?

Me: *confused* You are encouraging your nephew. This part is fine. But signing up for classes. Is it not too much?

Pappettan: *dispenses wisdom behind his choice* My nephew is going to learn new moves. Where is he going to practice his new moves?

Me: *unsure where this is leading to*

Pappettan: *explains like he would explain to a kid* He is going to practice his new moves on me. If I don't learn karate with him, how will I learn to defend to save me from the bodily harm and pain?



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