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It has been a while since I met Pappettan. So when I ran into him, I was happy. But he seems to be in a hurry to leave.

Me: *inquisitively* You seems to be in a hurry.

Pappettan: *explains* I have to get a certificate from that government office. *pauses and then continues* You may join me.

Me: *from my previous experiences with such organizations* Are you going to collect the certificate?

Pappettan: *confidently* No, I am going to request and then collect.

Me: *slowly breaks the bad news* They take a couple of days after the request to prepare the certificate.

Pappettan: *unaffected* It is a simple certificate. I will request them to give it today itself.

At this point, I knew there was no amount of carefully constructed argument that would refute his belief. So I decided to accompany him to his destination. Secretly, I wanted to see his face when the cookie crumbled. At the government office, the response of the clerk was similar to what I anticipated. But the ensuing conversation was not the one I expected.

Clerk: *in a matter of fact tone* Please come back in 2 days and collect the certificate.

Pappettan: *determined yet politely* But I would like to have the certificate today.

Clerk: *slowly and with an gradually ascending tone* Do you think preparing the certificate is child's play? Do you have any idea the kind of verifications we have to do before the certificate is issued?

At this point, I struggled hard to suppress my smile. But Pappetten kept his cool.

Pappettan: *gently* No, I don't have any idea about the work you have to undertake to produce this certificate. But you are the only one who can give me this certificate in one day. You have the power to do it.

After a few hours, Pappettan walked away with the certificate.

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  1. Pappettan did it, in the end! :)

    1. He always has his way. There is a popular belief that you can get things done if you ask nicely. That is why our parents force us to say the magic word "please". Pappettan touches upon the little known fact in addition to asking nicely. The little known fact is when someone believes it is in their power to do things (and he is the right one to do things too), then there is no stopping that person.

  2. Hey, nice one! Please and thank you are two extremely simple but surprisingly magical words :)

    1. Yes there and we use it with great difficulty. :(

  3. Looking forward to more of your pappettan tales!

    1. :) I will post whenever possible. As these are all real life incidents, it takes time to write one.

  4. Pappenttan knows how to get things done.


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