Pappettan explains why the women dress the way do while clubbing

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Photo Courtesy: Jithu, Paris

I was driving around the city with Pappettan. We were looking for a place to park our car and find a decent place to sate our hunger. It wasn't late in the night, and a small crowd had formed in front of one of the popular discos in the city. The sight was a pleasing one with both the sexes putting on their best behavior and also attire. The crowd formed into a well-disciplined queue. I couldn't wonder about what would be the state of these partygoers in the next couple of hours. Would they look as fresh as they looked now? Will they be behaving in the socially acceptable manner?

While my mind grappled with these questions, I noticed another pattern. It wasn't winter. But the night was cold with the blowing winds bringing the temperature a couple of notches down. The women were underdressed. They had no overcoats. It was a night where overcoats would have helped to withstand the cold. This thought also fired up the latent prejudices.

Me: *with a smirk* Look at them. Look at what they are wearing.

Pappettan: *calmly* What is wrong with that?

Me: *explains* Shouldn't they cover up?

Pappettan: *laughs*

Me: *irritated* Why are you laughing?

Pappettan: *adopts an as-a-matter-of-fact tone* It is the economics.

Me: *mistakes Pappettan's calm for condescension* Economics! What are you now? Dubner and Levitt?

Pappettan: *with a smile* I don't have to be a Dubner or Levitt to figure it out. It is the economics of clubbing.

Me: *confused*

Pappettan: *like a teacher* What would they do with the overcoat once inside the club?

Me: *unsure* Cloakroom?

Pappettan: *still like a teacher* How much does the cloakroom cost you?

Me: *gives up* Not sure!

Pappettan: *hits the final nail in the coffin* Well, you can get another drink with what you are paying for the cloakroom in this part of the world.

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