Cornwall: Twice is not enough

Note: This post is the sixth and the final in a series about my travel to Cornwall.
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I drove 700 miles and saw new places. I clicked many pictures, but only a few of them are keepers. I wish for taking many more pictures with better lenses and camera. I revisited my past in flashes. I wrote about my trips. Overall, it was a good trip.  There was no detailed plan, but there was still fun. Sometimes in life, there is no grand plan. As a wise man told me, you respond and do not react. Unbeknownst, I had followed this advice. As a result, I am a happier man.

As humans, we are never satisfied. So, once is never enough. So, we keep revisiting our past and yearn for doing the same thing all over again. I am also interested in going back to Cornwall. In my case, twice is also not enough. And there are a lot of places to discover in Cornwall. Will I get a chance? For now, I will end this series on a positive note. There will be another chance...

A group of people resting by the Boscastle harbor

Dangerous cliffs of Boscastle

A family picnicking on the Boscastle cliffs

Kayaking on Porthcurno

An euphoric me, feeling like a conqueror