Books: Echo Burning

Jack Reacher gets into trouble with a local sheriff in a small town in Texas. When he plans to quit the town by hitchhiking, Jack is picked up by a beautiful woman with Mexican heritage named Carmen Greer. At the outset, Jack realizes Carmen has an ulterior motive. But what is it? In order to find this out, Jack travels with Carmen to a very sleepy little town in remote Texas named Echo where prejudices run rampant.

Lee Child sets his thriller in an America small town. The underlying theme is prejudice. In order to highlight this, he brings in diverse characters who are discriminated, not openly, based on the heritage and also by the choices they make. Because of the setting, this novel stands out in the Reacher series. Even though it is not as colorful as the settings in the other novels, the ruggedness of the terrain adds to the drama in the novel.

Strictly for Reacher fans.

The other books in the series are.
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