Books: Without Fail

Jack Reacher is contacted to test the security arrangements of the Vice President of USA. The Security Services classify this as a routine operation to evaluate the readiness of the agency in protecting the Vice President. Jack Reacher goes through the exercise and points out the security holes in the current arrangement. That is when the Agency decides to hire Reacher's services. But this time, it is not for an operational exercise.

Lee Child shifts the background of Reacher book to politics. The stakes are higher like the previous novel. But this time around, the visibility is also higher. There is little room for errors. With resourceful and deranged bad side , the novel soon turns into a cat-and-mouse game. Reacher has to travel extensively as part of Vice President's entourage which results in rapid changes in the locales. This combined with the hectic schedule of Vice President makes the goings very interesting.

The backdrop chosen makes it a very brisk read. If you haven't read the other books in the series, it may be difficult to catch up.

The other books in the series are.
Killing Floor
Die Trying
Running Blind
Echo Burning

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