Books: The Enemy

Jack Reacher tells us about the happenings in his life when the world welcomed 1990. The cold war is over. The Soviet Union is disintegrating. Berlin Wall is coming down. The arms races is ending. When you consider all these factors, it should be a better world in store for you. Forget about the future. The first few days of the year turns very hectic for Jack. It all starts with the murder of a one-star general.

Lee Child continues the Reacher series with this book. For a change, the author takes us to Reacher's past unlike the previous ones in the series. Normally, the series goes forward in time. But not this time! Since Lee Child tells it from Reacher's point of view using the first person narrative, it is very engaging. By setting the story against the military background, there is room for suspense, prejudice, crime and also worldwide travel.

This novel is a departure from the usual writing of Lee Child. Here, you see a writer who uses his skills expertly to keep the reader engaged till the very end. Reacher is able to deduce events quickly. But since this is a military investigation, his energy is more focused on finding the evidence in order to do the right thing. In addition, Lee Child also gives us a glimpse of the personal life of Reacher in order to emotionally bond the readers with his lead character.

By far, this is the best I have read in this series. Pick it up if you are in the mood for mystery and action.

The other books in the series are.

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