Books: The Hard Way

A good coffee can lead to trouble. You don't agree with me? Then, ask Jack Reacher. In this new installment of the Reacher series, Jack Reacher visits one of the cafes in NY and likes their coffee. So the next day, he decides to go there one more time . While he is sipping coffee, a stranger shows up to ask questions about Jack's last visit to this cafe. One thing leads to another and very soon, Jack is trying to solve a kidnap. The time is running out. With Jack's values, he should either free the hostages or at least apprehend the kidnapper.

As usual, Lee Child wastes no time in thrusting both Jack Reacher and us, the readers, right into the middle of action in the opening pages itself. Like his previous installments, it is a brisk read primarily because we want to know what is the mystery behind the kidnapping. The success of the Reacher series is not surprising as the reader eagerly wants to go through the journey of finding out what is the mystery. We are engaged because we want to know if we have guessed it right. Sometimes, the reason might be silly. But you don't want to fret about it. Lee Child is in form towards the end when he pits Reacher against the villains for the final showdown. Lee Child is best in describing the action.

This is strictly for the Reacher fans. I have to confess I am one by now and I have no idea when I crossed over from sceptic to a fan.

The other books in the series are.

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