Books: Nothing to Lose

Two cities named Hope and Despair. Jack Reacher walks all the way from Hope to Despair out of curiosity and also lack of money. Within a matter of hours upon reaching Despair, no stones are unturned by the locals to let him know he is unwelcome. The local law agencies brand Reacher as a vagrant and drops him at the border of Hope and Despair making it clear to him that he will be arrested in case he returns.

What would you and me do in such a situation that is if you are ready to believe we might end up in such a situation? We might complain about this experience to all the people with sympathetic ears. So that is why our stories will never get written down as a novel. Jack Reacher is a different breed. Like a child, he decides to do exactly what he has been instructed not to do.

Lee Child continues the Reacher series with a new tale. Beyond the clever naming of the twin cities symbolizing radically different human emotions, the novel tells a story of a secretive town, faith, men and war. Like all Reacher novels, leave your brains behind. You can read it without exerting much pressure on your brains and forget about it as soon as you put the novel down.

The other books in the series are.

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  1. Hey nice way of telling abt Lee Child's books! Hv NVR read them...let's see if I try them in future! :-)

    1. :) Thank you. But if you are going to pick a Reacher book, I propose you should read it in the order it was written.


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