Sunday, May 29, 2011

Whose fault is it anyway?

Boyfriend: *groggy* hmmm…. hmmm

Girlfriend: What? Now you don’t want to talk to me?

Boyfriend: *still groggy* It is not that…

Girlfriend: Then, why did you text me to call you as soon as I got out of the library?

When the boyfriend initially called the girlfriend, she was at the library preparing for her exams. So, the boyfriend asked her to call him back (for whatever reasons) when she completed her library session. Therefore, she promptly called him back.

Now, the initial phone call happened at around 9pm. The girlfriend was done with her studies by 12:30am. So the second phone call happened after 12:30am. In this span of three and a half hours, the boyfriend ate his dinner and went to bed. He was soundly asleep when the girlfriend called again.

The boyfriend narrated the incident to me hoping for a sympathetic word from me. But whose is at fault here?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Be aware of the context

"When did you meet your girlfriend?". My French friend asked my Indian friend.

"I met her an hour back". My Indian friend replied immediately.

If you look at question and the reply, there is nothing wrong in it. But you should have seen the expression on my French friend's face. He was bewildered.

Now, let me take you a step back. A bunch of guys are sitting in a cafe. They are spending the evening together for the first time as part of a male-bonding exercise. The group is culturally and linguistically diverse - French and Indian. Over the drinks, they come to know about my Indian friend's French girlfriend. Everyone is smiling. Then, one person in the group pops this question.

It was not a disaster. I stepped in. (Ain't me the know-it-all expert-in-diversity-sensitive-about-diversity?). I rephrased the question after which the answers followed and everyone was smiling again.

Was the question wrong? Yes, the "when" should have been a "how". But isn't this where context plays a major role?Imagine you are with your friends back in India, chatting up over a few drinks. If you break the same news in this group, the probable question is "how". Nobody wants to know when you met her last! Now, go back to the diverse group. They are all thinking in a one language and talking in another. There are a few words that are altered in translation.

I see this everyday! "I am coming over" becomes "I arrive". Sometimes, a "he" becomes a "she" and vice versa. An inanimate object is referred as "she". But if you look at the context, the message is clear. In case the context is fuzzy or you want to play it safely, follow the basic rule of communication. Tell you didn't understand and request to repeat the question. If that doesn't work, ask to rephrase.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Movie Review: The Hangover Part II

Two years have passed since Phil Wenneck(Bradley Cooper), Stu Price(Ed Helms) and Alan Garner(Zach Galifianakis) spent two days running around Las Vegas looking for Doug Billings(Justin Bartha) after the bachelor party. Now, Stu has found his soul mate in Lauren(Jamie Chung). The two of them are getting married in Thailand. Because of the unforgettable events which followed the last bachelor party in Vegas, Stu decides to have his bachelor party at IHOP where they don’t serve liquor. On hearing this, Phil is angry. Doug is okay. But persuades Stu to invite Alan for the wedding. Stu relents and invites Alan.

Alan’s enthusiasm of a wolfpack reunion is squashed at the airport when Lauren’s brother Teddy joins the four friends. Alan is upset with Teddy. All of them arrive at Thailand and proceed to the resort where the wedding is planned. Lauren’s dad is unimpressed with Stu and treats him condescendingly in front of the guests at the dinner. After the dinner, the four friends walk to the beach to have a beer. Teddy also joins them. Phil brings the beer which is sealed and not tampered. All of them drink beer.

The next day, Phil, Stu and Alan wake up in a cheap hotel room. Alan has a shaved head while Stu has a tattoo on his face! They panic as they fear to have lost Doug again. To their relief, Doug calls them up from the hotel. But the happiness is short-lived. Doug is safe but Eddy is missing! Also, they can’t recollect what transpired in the night. With one day left for the wedding, the three friends have to find Eddy without raising suspicion of Lauren and her family. Their search for Eddy leads them to a monkey dressed funnily, Leslie Chow(Ken Jeong), a monk who has taken the vow of silence, a tattoo artist, a monastery, a strip club and Kingsley(Paul Giamatti).

Todd Phillips directs this enjoyable sequel to the movie The Hangover. The structure of this movie rhymes with the first part. Phil calls in with bad news. Then the movie cuts to the pre-marriage celebrations of the friends followed by them waking up with no memory of the previous night. The friends reconstruct the previous night’s events while searching for the missing person. Finally, they find what they were looking for. This was the structure of the first part and this is retained in the sequel too. In spite of having a predictable structure, the movie keeps the viewer engrossed with the funny moments and a few unpredictable twists. Retaining the structure also brings in a nostalgic feeling for the viewers who loved the first part and also brings in a smile on their lips or a hearty laugh even before any word is uttered on screen.

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis are a great team on screen. It is difficult to say who is best. Bradley is the naughty boy, Ed the victim and Zach the moron. Take one of them away, the movie is not as funny anymore. Out of the rest in the cast, Ken Jeong’s Chow stands out as the effeminate gangster who scorns everything and everyone. The way he abuses the hotel staff while walking into the hotel to meet Kingsley is a scene to watch out for.

Go for it. I advice you to watch The Hangover once more before going for the sequel.

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Rating: ***

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Les bons comptes font les bons amis

When I read out this line to my French friend, he stared at me. The basic French lesson hammered into my thick skull was to go silent on the ending alphabets. The golden rule! Despite the application of the golden rule, my friend was bewildered.

It is pronounced "lee bon coompth fo lee bonsaami". Well, this is best shot I can do for the pronunciation. But there were two interesting factors in the sentence. The ending sound for "comptes" almost sound like a soft "th" and "bons ami" combined together when spoken!

The translation of this sentence is "Good accounts make good friends". When my friend promptly paid back the small change that was owed to me after settling the beer bills at a local cafe, my immediate response was "This can wait till our next stop for beer". We had a beer on Friday. Here he was; paying me back on Monday morning! But he pointed out the French saying "Les bons comptes font les bon amis".

The phrase is not only handy but also shows a glimpse of the culture.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Books: Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light

Patrick Mcgilligan examines the life of the famous director Alfred Hitchcock through this book. This book is not based on first person interviews with the prolific director. Instead, it is based on published works by others like Francois Truffaut, studio memos and other articles. Patrick divides Hitchcock’s life into six phases.

In the first phase, the author examines the formative years of the director in London. We learn how Hitchcock acquired the story telling capabilities and intrigue for criminals in this phase. In the second phase, he enters the world of movies in England. Here, he starts as a production designer and becomes a film director eventually. He also meets his wife, Alma Hitchcock, in this phase. This is also the phase where European cinema and locations begin to enthrall Hitchcock. During the third phase, Hitchcock moves to Hollywood along with his family. Being a newcomer, the life is not great to Hitchcock. He struggles as he is nearly enslaved by the contract with the studio.

In the fourth phase, Hitchcock and his friend starts a new studio which operates in both America and London. After a few films, they fold up operations. In the fifth phase, he signs up with Paramount studios. By this time, Hitchcock has a new agent and has become financially well off because of the many wise decisions taken by his new agent. In the final and sixth phase, the author examines the aura of a director who is well known in the world and the decay of creativity due to old age and loss of dear ones.

The book reveals a lot of interesting facts about the director. Hitchcock was focused on the effects. The logic can take the backseat as long as the audience is mesmerized. It was also important for the director to outguess his audience; in a way to shock them. During the major part of his career, the director always worked on two projects at a time. When one project goes to floor for shooting, he was busy working on the next one. The author also explains how this was possible.The director always treated his technical crew dearly. He always shared his love for wine, food and dirty jokes with them. In fact, Hitchcock and his wife invited key people for dinner parties thereby stamping them as the inner circle or the privileged ones.

There is always ambiguities and controversies behind the script. For Hitchcock, the script evolves over multiple drafts and multiple writers. The director’s wife played a major role in the evolution of the script. As a result, who is the real scriptwriter? But the scripts are so detailed with camera angles, it becomes easy to direct. You will find the enigmatic director dosing off to sleep while a scene is being canned. Yet, he knows which scene had to be shot again. There are many interesting instances of how Hitchcock fought the production code revealing a calculating and cunning mind.

The reader also experiences melancholy towards the last part of the book. It is at this stage Hitchcock gets lonely as old age and death catches up with dear ones. Also, the changing equations of the film industry makes Hitchcock a relic of the past.

If you are a movie buff, this book for you. If you love the movies of Hitchcock, this is definitely for you.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Books: The Checklist Manifesto

Checklists are an effective tool to combat ineptitude. Atul Gawande, the author of this book, shows how checklists can be implemented with this purpose. In order to share this knowledge, Atul fortunately doesn’t sermonize the “how-to-do” and “what-to-do” in lengthy prose. Instead he tells us how he discovered the usefulness of checklist when involved in a major project. He learns about the history of checklists and surmounts the initial skepticism before implementing this in a real life scenario. The implementation of checklists are also a learning and humbling experience for Atul.

Atul attributes the origin of effective checklists to aviation industry. He researched checklists in aviation industry and also the construction industry. He then implements the checklist in the healthcare industry for improving the success rate of surgeries. The anecdotes in the book gives us a unseen perspective on the complexity of these three industries.

Are checklists effective and useful? This is a question you might have asked yourself in your professional life! The author’s experience serves as a good learning material for all us to implement this in our professions. Atul points out what is the best number of items to have in a checklist to make it effective. He encourages us to break our checklist into smaller checklists in case the situation demands. He also emphasizes on two kinds of checklist – READ-DO and DO-CONFIRM.

If you are a professional and have hated checklists, this is an eye-opener. If you are struggling to implement checklists at your work, this book will provide a lot of ideas! If you are looking towards improving the efficiency of your team, this might be the magic potion!

As a footnote, please do not confuse checklists with a project plan.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

In London, Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp) saves Joshamee Gibbs from the gallows. But, Jack is captured by the British soldiers and brought in front of King George II. The king asks him to the lead British forces to the legendary Fountain of Youth before the Spanish forces find it. Jack has no intention of finding the Fountain of Youth. Moreover, he doesn’t have the ship Black Pearl anymore. Still, the king insists because of the recent rumor about Jack Sparrow recruiting men in search of the Fountain. During the meeting, the king introduces Hector Barbossa(Geoffrey Rush) who has recently turned into a privateer after losing Black Pearl and a leg to the pirate Blackbeard(Ian McShane). An enraged Jack escapes.

After the escape, Jack accidentally meets his dad Captain Teague(Keith Richards). His father cautions him about learning all the rituals associated with the Fountain if he is planning to discover it. While trying to find a ship, Jack comes across the imposter who is recruiting men using Jack’s name. The imposter turns out to be Angelica(Penelope Cruz), Jack’s former lover. Angelica tricks Jack and makes him a crewmember of the ship she commands. Soon, Jack learns the ship belongs to Blackbeard and Angelica is Blackbeard’s daughter. Now, three different forces – British, Spanish and the pirates – race towards the Fountain. They also encounter beautiful yet beguiling mermaids during their journey. The real motives of the various men are slowly revealed.

Rob Marshall directs the latest installment of this popular series. It has all the necessary ingredients of a film belonging to this series – acrobatic fights, fabled treasure, supernatural ships, evil captains, mermaids and forbidden love. Yet, the movie fails to impress because of multiple factors; the primary being the exit of Gore Verbinski from the series. Rob Marshall’s tale is a watered down one boring at many places. Rob’s Jack is a lover who is still smitten or has stirring in Jack’s own words. Jack has become a meticulous planner now. Previously, everything was left to the viewer to question whether it is Jack’s luck or forward thinking. The surroundings are not lush anymore. There are no awe-inspiring CG work in this. For a viewer who has seen two ships slugging each other on a maelstrom in “At World’s End”, everything is an anti-climax. Ultimately, this turns out to be a predictable and lackluster ride inching towards a disappointing climax. The 3D effects are good.

Johnny Depp already has an Oscar for portraying this role. There is no series without him. But if you take him out of this movie, there is no movie at all. The rest of the cast is overshadowed by him. You will also have a fleeting glimpse of Judi Dench along with a hilarious line in the first few minutes of the movie.

Even if you are Jack Sparrow, this one gives a lingering feeling of wanting more. Gore Verbinski is sorely missed. Skip it.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: **

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It is always the women who ask...

It is always the women who ask! The men don't! The women take a good look at it, does a retake and then ask the question haltingly. But the men, you can never be sure of their interests! But you can always count on the woman to ask "What are you having?"!

Initially, I was uncomfortable with the seating arrangements in the restaurants over here in Paris! The tables are small and placed very close to each other! As I'm always alone, I unwittingly become a silent listener to the conversations of the couples seated near me! In addition to this, you also notice the dishes on the other table. The Indian food being spicy, it is always difficult to escape the aroma from the neighboring table.

During the past few excursions to the Indian restaurants in La Chappelle, I have been asked the same question. "What are you having?". It has always been a woman who asked this question. First, it was the elderly woman accompanying her date who was interested in the "Chilly Chicken". On the second occasion, it was the blonde French woman who was accompanying a Tamil man who got hooked onto the "Chilli Chicken". On the same night, a young Spanish woman smiled approvingly at me after seeing the "Chilli Chicken". In all these occasions, the man accompanying the woman was least bit interested in the food. Yesterday, it was the American women visiting Paris who were hungrily looking at the "Chole Batura". They matched the name of the dish to what was on the menu. Once they found out the name, one of them asked me, "That is Chole Batura. Right?". It is always the women who ask!

Looking back into my experiences so far at the Indian restaurants, I have only one advice to the young guns who desperately look around for an Irish pub or the nearest disco. There are easier ways to meet new people. Go to an Indian restaurant and order the most exotic food. The icebreaker comes from the opposite sex. If you have decided to try out this, please keep in mind that I'm neither experienced nor expert in this matter. This could be a theory or hypothesis (or whatever)! Let me know if it works and then I will surely write about it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

No papers!

While traveling in the local train in Paris, I met a fellow Indian! He asked me about my backpack! He was curious as to why I carry it around. With the arrival of spring, the days have become warmer; but the night still retains remnants of the winter cold! So my backpack contains a jacket, a camera and a bottle of water! I told him so.

There are more chances of a cop detaining you if carry a backpack! That was his comment in response to my reasoning. Seeing an unperturbed me, he asked, "You have all the papers?". He was referring to the work permit. So, I nodded affirmatively.

His face turned sad. He came to Paris on a tourist visa and never went back. This was two years back. He now works in a supermarket. He showed me his weathered hands as a result of the hard tasks at work.

Although I felt sorry for him, there are many like him all around the world! They have no papers. They desperately try to save some money to send back home while trying to remain hopeful and courageous in an alien and depressing environment.

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Movie Review: Priest

In the future where humans and vampires are perpetually in a collision path, the church devises a mechanism to fight the vampire menace. They train warriors as priests and unleash on the vampires. As a result, the vampires are vanquished now and the remaining vampires are kept in reservations while the humans evacuate to cities that are walled fortresses. They are a few humans who live outside the city in what is known as wastelands. After the vampire war is over, the priests are reintegrated into the human society where they have difficulty in finding acceptance among the fellow humans. The Priest(Paul Bettany) lives such a life constantly fighting his doubts and nightmares resulting from the war.

In the wastelands, Owen and his wife are attacked by vampires. Owen’s wife is killed and his daughter Lucy abducted. Owen is Priest’s brother. Following the attack, Sheriff Hicks informs this incident to Priest. Priest asks Monsignor Orelas(Christopher Plummer) for reinstatement and permission to find the truth behind this bizarre attack . Orelas do not believe in a vampire menace anymore. When he is refused permission, Priest defies the church and escapes out of the city. He reaches wastelands before his brother’s death. There, Priest enlists Hicks to find Lucy. Offended by Priest’s insubordination, Orelas orders Priestess(Maggie Q) to hunt down Priest. How Priest, Priestess and Hicks save Lucy from the hands of Black Hat(Karl Urban) forms the rest of the story.

Scott Stewart directs this action movie which is based on a Korean comic book. He provides insight into the backgrounds of his chief protagonists thereby elevating them slightly from the one-dimensional characters found in action movies. Since the focus never wavers from the search, it never becomes tedious for the viewer.

The entire movie revolves around Paul Bettany who acts as the title character. Although he acts well, this role has a lot of shades of his previous roles. Nevertheless, he makes the viewer connect to his emotions.

Save it for the DVD. The 3D effects are not spectacular to watch this in a theater.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: ***

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What am I going to do with these DVDs?

On Friday, I was at the Virgin MegaStore on Champs-Élysées. I was hovering around the DVD section that displayed deals like “2 for 20” Euros and “5 for 30” Euros! In the “2 for 20” section, the prominent titles were "Inception" and "Robin Hood". A few months, each of these DVDs were priced at 25 Euros! So, looking at the current price, it looks like a steal!

I wanted these movies in my collection! The constraint I faced was space! After Moser Baer revolutionized the DVD market in India, my cupboard is overflowing with DVDs. The price is so cheap that you end up buying even the badly made movies! The sensible option is to store these movies on a data storage device. At the same time, I do not want to go through the pain of ripping these into another format and then store it on the storage device. But what are my options of downloading movies legally in India? In France, my options are better. But the choices are limited! Some of the movies available for download have their English soundtrack in stereo!

Coming back to the 2 for 20 DVDs, these look like surplus stock! This also reminds of a project of one of my friends was involved in a few years back. In association with a leading chain of coffee shops, the project tried to introduce a new concept! Have your coffee while your favorite music is being recorded on a CD. So, you come in, select your coffee and songs and walk out with both a coffee cup and a CD! Supplying coffee in a DVD store might be preposterous! But what about cutting DVDs right in front of you after the order is placed? We could do away with a lot of waste!

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Curry Karaoke Club

“Are you from Kerala?”. That is a question I don’t normally expect to be asked in Paris. So, I was surprised. The person who asked me this question was a Scot whom I met in the laundry! Our conversation veered into cost of living in France, the hesitation of the local people to speak English, backwaters of Kerala and Indian restaurants. The most interesting piece of the conversation was the restaurant “Curry Karaoke” in Glasgow.

There is nothing new about karaoke in a restaurant. But what struck me was the combination of the words curry and karaoke to form a new one. Their website display the work “CurryOke” club. “CurryOke” can translate into “Curry Ok” serving as either a concerned question or a emphatic statement. If you are interested in the restaurant, you can find the link here.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Books: Other People’s Money

Tubal and Co. is a bank run by the Trevelyan-Tubal family for centuries. At present, the bank is headed by a reluctant Julian Trevelyan-Tubal after his father Sir Harry Trevelyan-Tubal is incapacitated by a stroke. Julian, unlike his dad, ventured into risk bearing initiatives and as a result, the bank has fallen into hard times. Julian is now trying to sell the bank before matters get out of hand. While Julian is closing in for the sale, an obscure newspaper gets hold of this news of the bank’s financial malfeasance by chance.

Justin Cartwright’s novel explores the lives of key family members of the Trevelyan-Tubal family and the people uncovering the truth during the days leading to the sale of the bank. Justin introduces a plethora of characters. Except the last few chapters, all the rest of the chapters are told from the viewpoint of one character without hampering the pace while giving the reader an unique perspective of the proceedings. This technique makes the reading enjoyable. There are winners and losers in this tale, tinged with tragedy, that will surprise the reader.

The aim of book is not to explain the financial crisis. So, the reader should not expect it in this book. The book explores the psyche of people who are unhappy with the current state and is striving to achieve peace and happiness. If you are interested in this kind of genre, this book is recommended.

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Afraid of pregnant women!

Pregnancy resulting in a lot of issues is not surprising. But the sight of a pregnant woman resulting in a panic attack is indeed something I have never heard before! Though this may sound strange, it is true. There are people who undergoes a panic attack on seeing pregnant women. It is a phobia.

I heard about this for the first time from my colleague. After searching the internet on this subject, he has now become an expert on this subject. If you are wondering on why he decided to invest time and energy into this, let me assure you he has every reason to. His girlfriend suffers a panic attack every time she sees a pregnant women. So, my friend decided to find out more about it. Eventually, he did find one reference to such a case on the internet.

Their story is also laced with irony. The girlfriend love kids. But she can’t stand the sight of pregnant women. She also works in a lingerie store and runs into pregnant women at her work.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

No news is good news

Working with a multi-cultural team is very interesting. For the past few years, I have been interacting with collaborators who have a different cultural background than me and also spread geographically all over the world. Recently a French collaborator  shared his viewpoints about his Indian counterparts with me. He has been interacting with his Indian counterparts for over an year now.

Despite a grueling experience, the French collaborator wishes for a hassle free interaction between his team and the Indian counterparts. If you want everything to work smoothly, all nasty surprises have to be identified at the onset and addressed. He explained the French culture using a proverb “Pas de nouvelle, bonne nouvelle”. This translates to “No news is good news. In the past few months, he has come to the conclusion his Indian counterparts are the opposite. For Indians, no news does not translate to good news. It might be the mighty silence before a catastrophe.

Of late, he has been looking actively for the silent topics which are never discussed in meetings. He deliberately brings it up to check if all is well.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Movie Review: Fast Five

Brian O’Conner(Paul Walker), Dom Toretto(Vin Diesel) and Mia Toretto(Jordana Brewster) are fugitives from the law and now living in Rio, Brazil. In order to raise money, they take part in a car heist organized by an old friend. The heist involves stealing three cars transported in a train. When they break into the train, Brian finds out the car are tagged by DEA. Soon, the proceedings turns sour resulting in the death of DEA agents. Mia escapes in a Ford GT40 while Brian and Dom are captured by a group of armed men.

While in captivity, Brian and Dom meets Hernan Reyes(Joaquim de Almeida). Reyes, hiding behind legitimate organizations, controls all illegitimate businesses in Rio. Reyes wants the GT40 back. Brian and Dom overpowers their captors and escapes. Once back with Mia, Brian and Dom tries to finds out a computer chip inside the GT40 holding vital information about Reyes’ illegal businesses.

When Brian and Dom contemplates the next steps, they are attacked by a team of US DSS agents led by Luke Hobbs(Dwayne Johnson) in retaliation to the murder of DEA agents. Brian, Mia and Dom manages to escape. Once back to safety, Brian and Dom decides to do one last job. This time, they intend to rob Reyes. In order execute this grand plan, they form a team by inviting their old friends like Roman Pearce(Tyrese Gibson), Tej Parker(Ludacris), Han Seol-Oh(Sung Kang), Gisele Yashar(Gal Gadot) and two others. Meanwhile Hobbs inducts a local officer Elena Neves(Elsa Pataky) into his team.

Justin Lin directs this entertaining action movie. Justin’s cast is full of bad actors and the script is ridden with clichés. But, Justin successfully masks these handicaps with excellent action pieces and music. The well orchestrated introductions of the main protagonists and funny liners sans any human emotions induces awe at times and guffaws at other times. The director throws in a trust, betrayals, family values, high principles and what not into the movie. Luckily, when the tempo slows down with these infusions, he throws in a fight or a chase scene to make the viewer sit up. The highlights of the movie are the first car heist followed by two protagonists falling into the canyon, the chase through rooftops of Rio Favela, Vin Diesel-Dwayne Johnson slugfest and the final chase through the streets of Rio. The CGI work is unobtrusive and does not dampen the viewing pleasure.

Go for it. Watch this one only on the big screen. Make sure you are with friends and intoxicated. You will enjoy the ride.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: ***

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A girl with a small bed

Last Saturday, a colleague invited me and another friend over to his home for dinner. It was a welcome change from the otherwise dull weekends plagued with indecision. My colleague is a father of two young girls.

After fighting the initial shyness and hesitation, the three year old younger one showed me her books. One of them featured Dora. When I displayed my knowledge about Dora and Boots, our communication became clearer and connection warmer despite the difference in languages; me speaking English and she French.

When she was retiring to bed at the end of night, she proudly showed me a DVD of Dora. I responded immediately, “Can I watch it too?”. At this point, her father acted as the interpreter. She reacted immediately to the question in French which made her father let out a big laugh. He then turned me and translated her answer. “She says her bed is small”.

Her father explained. She watches the DVD on her bed before going to sleep. Her bed is small to hold two people. This brought a smile on my face. It was an important lesson for me. She narrowed the problem in an instant. I wish such clear thinking is associated with several adults who crosses my path on a day to day basis.

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